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Where the best of the old school gyms meets the best of new school gyms

Welcome to GymCarey, your new favourite gym in Bridport. Whether you're beginning your fitness journey, hopping back in after a hiatus or are looking for something fresh and new, GymCarey offers a relaxed ego-free environment. It's our mission to help anyone and everyone reach their fitness goals, whatever that might look like. In an industry of sterile commercial gyms, we combine old-school sensibilities with a modern emphasis on community, openness and friendliness. We are a judgement-free zone where everyone is welcome to come in and better themselves physically, mentally and emotionally.

GymCarey is a gym 8 years in the making - We've been training behind closed doors as a private facility since 2015, relying on word of mouth while we've refined our approach and steadily stocked equipment. Now it's our pleasure to make our gym open to the public and build a community around it. 



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Whether You're A Beginner Or A Veteran, Your Local Gym In Bridport Can Help You Reach Your Goals 




Our flexible membership options 



We offer a simple £26/month membership (£19.50/month for medical or professional referrals due to a diagnosis) – No join-up fees, no commitment contracts, no small print to worry about. If you've been referred to us by a medical professional due to a diagnosis then membership will be £19.50. 

Drop-in sessions are a flat £7 per visit. Alternatively, you can buy up to 5 in bulk at £6.50 per visit.  




GymCarey's no-obligation taster sessions

Gyms can be an intimidating environment, especially for newcomers to fitness. You get the feeling that all eyes in the room are on the ‘newbie', that you're being judged or that you're out of your depth.

Sadly, the numbers don't lie. 50% of non-gymgoers say that they find the idea of going to a gym scary, while 80% of New Years resolutioners (People who sign up in January) quit within 5 months due to feelings of intimidation.

If this is your first time in the gym, you're coming back after a time off or you simply want to get a feel for what we're about, then come on down for a taster session. You're bound to find our friendliness refreshing.

We can walk you through the equipment and the exercises you're interested in to help you find your feet, or we can leave you to try things out while the gym is nice and quiet. We're in your corner either way.

Come and visit the friendliest gym in Bridport to see what we're about, or give us a call at 07875 344480.  

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About our facilities

Our cosy yet comfortable gym boasts a complete range of equipment to help you reach any health or fitness goal, from classic barbells to more outlandish pieces like tractor tyres and sandbags.

Click to find out more about our facilities and equipment.

You can find us at:

Unit 20 Crepe Farm Business Park








Meet Nigel

With over 25 years of training experience, Nigel Carey has tried everything from powerlifting to strongman to general fitness.

He's trained dozens of people over the years, and has always had the mentality that personal trainers should ‘Lead from the front' – When you train with Nigel, he's actively exercising at your side the majority of the session.

But hasn't just trained a lot - Thanks to life throwing him a few curveballs outside the gym, he's been injured a lot too. Over the years he's torn a bicep off the bone at a worksite, required reconstructive knee surgery after a motorbike crash, snapped a forearm bone and more. Each time he's figured out a way to train around his injuries and get right back in the weight room, and each time he's made a swift recovery (Something that still bothers his doctor!)

Meet Roxanne

Despite her husband's best efforts over the years, Roxanne has never been as big on the gym. Roxanne found her start with exercise with HIIT classes 7 years ago as a way of meeting new mums and making friends and quickly learned to enjoy her newfound strength gains.

Roxanne understands how powerful gymtimidation can be – But she also understands how transformative exercise can be. She's reaped the physical and mental benefits of training around her busy schedule – A reminder that you don't need to rewrite your timetable to suit the gym!

Now she wants to help more women achieve the same benefits, in a refreshingly open and beginner-friendly environment. She can be on hand to guide people through the gym during our taster sessions.  


Why not stop in and say hi? Come on by the friendliest gym in Bridport, or give us a dial at 07875 344480.  


The GymCarey Mission

The GymCarey mission is to build a community as well as a thriving gym – A place where everyone and anyone is welcome regardless of age, experience or inexperience, whether you're looking to get stronger or lose body fat and whether you're a dedicated athlete or a casual gymgoer. 

We'll be hosting seminars, guest speakers and challenges year-round to get everyone involved, motivated and moving towards their goals.